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Mission Projects

Jordan Station United Church is proud to support both Local and International programs as we act as the hands and feet of Jesus, reaching beyond ourselves to help others in our world.​

Our community has donated very generously to many charitable organizations. Since 1912, we have recorded our Mission Givings and we are so grateful to have supported over 90 organizations!  The sum total of which from 1912 to 2021 is just over $647,000.  We HAVE made a difference in lives of many!

Listed below are just a few of the Local organizations we've supported and information on Hope International, one of our main Mission Projects from 1997 - 2021.

Local organizations:

Cave Springs Camp

Cave Springs Camp is a place for every child and youth regardless of ability or background. Each summer camper experiences the joy of United Church camping through our overnight or day programs. They are given the opportunity to grow and challenge themselves through a variety of activities and create friendships that will last a lifetime. 

Caribbean Workers Outreach Program

Each spring hundreds of men leave their family and home to travel to Niagara to work from 5 to 9 months, living on farms and saving or sending home their pay to support them and their families throughout the year. The workers cope with long working hours, extreme weather, isolation and loneliness and the CWOP, through volunteers, offers support to workers through several programs:

 - weekly Worship Services from April through to the end of June
- Pastoral support and volunteer support and friendship

 - Annual Dominoes night and Annual Cricket Match with dinners provided

 - Benevolent fund support to workers who experience the death of a parent, spouse or child in Jamaica.

Upper Deck Youth Centre

The Upper Deck Youth Centre is a drop-in centre for youth in grades 6-12. We host drop-in nights every Friday from 7:00pm -10:00pm when youth can come hang out with their friends and also meet adult volunteers who care about them and are willing to listen and offer friendship, encouragement and advice. We want young people to know that not only do we care for them but that Jesus also loves and cares for them and created them for a purpose.  We do this through our drop-in nights, Girls Only Program, Skateboard ministry, Tutoring/Homework  program, and 1 on 1 mentoring.

Village of Hope

The age-old African proverb states wisely, "It takes a village to raise a child". That strong sense of community is important in nurturing the lives of all community members, be they young or older. The Village of Hope aims to positively impact the lives of each community member in the area.

'Compassion first' is one of the mantras of our organization. Extending a hand when someone asks for help is our primary mission. The desire to help people in need is a cornerstone of our programs and services; we provide a wide variety of information and life-skills training to those within our community.


Hope International

Hope International is one of Canada’s most respected and efficient aid organizations. As a Christian charity organization, they have a four-star rating from “Charity Navigator,” placing it in the top 1% of Canadian non-profits. Hope International has been involved in projects throughout Central America, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. 


In October 2017, 10 Members from our Church traveled to the Dominican Republic with John King (Director, Hope Int'al) to visit a small village called El Memiso to see their completed water project and, as well, numerous other villages suffering from lack of access to clean water. Mission Team members were touched by the generosity of residents who had so little and were humbled by their dire circumstances. Those interactions led to the “Water is Life” project for El Rosalito and a commitment to act. 


In November 2018, the team traveled back to the Dominican Republic to see the progress of the water project and to live and be in community with the residents of El Rosalito. With a few Spanish lessons we were finally able to communicate (somewhat) with the residents and learn their stories of life and hope for a better life with access to clean water.  We were amazed to see how much work - digging trenches - has already been completed and the work that lied ahead.

Thanks to our commitment and fundraising events that raised $30,000, along with Hope's other partners, the total sum of $310,000 was donated to El Rosalito by the summer of 2019.  

Now the water project is fully funded and work is almost complete - bringing a clean water tap to the 55 homes in El Rosalito!

But our relationship with this village has not ended; we've built friendships and hope to continue supporting the families with funding for latrines for their homes, educational items for the children and on-going love, support and prayers.

water taps

The El-Rosalito, Ocoa Water Project

We are thrilled to say that this water project in the Dominican Republic is now fully funded! (Spring 2020) The work was fully completed in the Spring of 2023 and running water is now a reality for the 55 homes in El Rosalito!

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​If you are thinking you'd like to volunteer at one of these organizations or want to learn more about them, please send us a message. We'd love to hear from you!  


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