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Minister (open position) 

Sonja Saweczko, BBM, Office Administrator  


Sonja joined Jordan Station United Church in March 2016. Sonja has an extensive background in corporate Marketing and top-notch computer and communication skills. You will find Sonja in the Church Office 3 mornings a week (Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday) and you can count on a cheery “Hello!” when you walk in the door!

Sonja recently found her passion in supporting the Mission Projects at Jordan Station United Church, specifically in the El Rosalito - Ocoa Water Project. Sonja traveled to the Dominican Republic with the Mission Team in October 2017 and November 2018 and made connections and friendships with many of the children in El Rosalito (thanks to the Spanish lessons!). Pictured here is Sonja and Marylady (whom Sonja hopes to visit again) - the first generation to have clean, running water available to them.

Sonja and her husband, Jack, have two adult sons. In her leisure time, Sonja enjoys kayaking with Jack and friends.

Alyson Stephenson, Bookkeeper 

Joyce Brown, Organist, Pianist, Choir Director

Joyce retired from this position in September 2021. We are so thankful for her time,  extraordinary talent and 'joie de vivre' during her 9 years as our Choir Director. Each challenge  was met and overcome, whether it was technological changes, equipment updates or even new songs, Joyce was never one to back down from a challenge! 

We'll miss her leadership, but know this rest is much deserved!

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